September 7-10 2017 | Kyiv

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A unique 4-day course from 26 famous ecotrainers and practicioners, created to help you implement your own innovative environmental project

Active days

Experts and speakers


4 days of education and networking — 9:00 to 20:00

26 eco-speakers from Ukraine and other countries in:

Sustainable development and conscious consumption

Sharing economy

Organic farming and permaculture design

Ecotransport and EVs

Ecobuilding and compact housing

Renewable energy and energy efficiency


Ecovillages and commune farms

Virtual videotour around te Green School

Press about us

Who can be interested?

Our program will be useful to those interested in ecobuilding, environmental statups, ecovillages, renewables and sustainable development in general, as well as to professional ecobloggers and journalists.

Age restrictions: you have to be 17 or more.

Do you have to be an environmentalist? Of course no! A wide range of people come to us — from professionals looking for new contacts, to startuppers, and to people wishing to have a more healthy life.


Three areas instead of one topic


Coming up with and development of innovative ecoprojects


Sustainable consumption, ecobuilding, energy efficiency, renewable energy, permaculture, waste management


Monetizing of environmetal projects, ecobusiness

Our speakers

Tommy Livonen, Finland

Biologist, Head of Finventia Corporation (Finland)

Roman Sablin

“Green Driver”, ecoactivist, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Guzel Sanzhapova

Founder of «creamy honey Cocco bello», Moscow

Alexandr Kucheryaviy, Minsk

Architect Optima House

Victoria Norenko, Kyiv

«Green Bird», products made of recycled cardboard

Tatiana Chuchko, Lviv

Specialist in permaculture, organizer of certification courses on permaculture design

Rudolf Krayevskyy, Kyiv

Founder, vegan cafe “Vegano Hooligano”

Maryanna Boyko

The «104 day without plastic» project

Tatiana Sytnik, Kyiv

Expert of development of the organic market in Ukraine, Head of Retail Academy

Polina Makarova, Kyiv

Графический дизайнер, руководитель студии «Органический графический дизайн»

Robert Hall, Sweden

President of the European network ekoposelen GEN Europe

Hrystyna Rzayeva, Kyiv

Dietitian, a specialist in the field of useful cooking

Pavlo Bohhachi, Kyiv

Diet expert on radio and television, the founder of the project «Mudroyidy»

Victor Chirkin

“Lisova Ferma”, Bila Tserkva

Andriy Zinchenko, Kyiv

Head of education projects, Greencubator network

Galyna Gupan

“Sustainable households”

Roman Mrozakevych


Vitaly Fasolya, Kyiv

Director of «Center for Ecobuilding Innovations»

Mila Polyova, Kyiv

Specialist in organic cosmetics, workshops organiser

Denys Bortnikov, Kyiv

PR Specialist — Biggidea, Spilnokosht

Olena Hladskykh, Kyiv

Ekobuilder, specialist in permaculture

Roman Kucherenko, Odessa

Architect, designer, coordinator of ecovillages in Ukraine

Igor Susyak, Ivano-Frankivsk

Coordinator of “Teple Misto”, Urban Space

Eugene Aratovska, Kyiv

Founder, “Ukraina bez smittya”

Sergiy Aleksandrovych

Permaculture designer

Tatiana Yablonska, Kyiv

Manufacturer of organic products, TM «Bio World», author of «Family Basket organic & local food»

Zahar Pashun, Kyiv

Founder, ELMOB

Dima Lvov, Odessa

Ecobuilder, author of «Trypovnya»

Anastasia Kurgan

Ecovillage Dubravushka

Sergiy Kovalenkov, Kyiv

Ecobuilder, insulation and building technology with hemp

Olena Berezovska, Kyiv

Co-founder and expert, project Organic Business, Chairman of the Union «Organic Ukraine», investor

Yevgen Suharov

Founder, practical cleaning training studio

Vlad Rodin, Dnipro

Director of E-Line, electric charging stations

Julia Marhel, Kyiv

President, “Let’s do it Ukraine!”, actions coordinator

Sergiy Vyelchev, Odesa

Founder, EcoFactor, EVs

Maksym Babaiev, Kyiv

National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, specialist in solar energy

Egor Boroday

Vegan Restaurant NEBOS

Oleksiy Kushka, Kyiv

Author of the project —

Roman Rybalchenko, Kyiv

Internet marketing, web analytics, ecoactivist

Vadym Kurban

Ecoactivist, waste management

Maxim Zalevski, Kyiv

The author of online community «Rodovid», the curator of the Green School

Olena Deyneko, Kyiv

Director, Organic Business

Andriy Bobrovytskyi, Kyiv

Ecobuilder practicing energy efficient housing with natural materials with 10 years of experience

Fedir Ryabinin

Certified permaulture designer

Educational tours

Optima House

OptimaHouse is the first serial energy efficient house project in Ukraine, based on European multicomfort house and active house concepts, and adapted for Ukrainian market.

EV test drive

Kyiv taxi service Oxy-taxi with their fleet made up exclusively of EVs offers a free test drive for every Green School participant


Vegano Hooligano

Getting to know the work of the biggest Ukrainian vegan restaurants chain from the inside


Natur Boutique

Tour around one of the locations of organic products store network

What else do you get?



All Green School alumni receive a diploma. You will have an opportunity to communicate with School’s experts. It is a good opportunity to find a job or start your business in this sphere.

Visits and tours

Alumni can visit successful projects and enterprises in Ukraine and abroad

Our participants’ reviews


Please note! You can only be approved as a participant only if you made a payment.
We kindly ask you not to linger with the registration or payment!

Registration before August 1

  • Tue to Sun, 9.00 to 20.00 (full 4-day program)
  • 20 lectures and practical semnars with networking and discussions

If you pay on the spot

  • Tue to Sun, 9.00 to 20.00 (full 4-day program)
  • 20 lectures and practical semnars with networking and discussions

Want to support our project?

10% of all donations to Green school are used to support environmental initiatives of our partners: planting trees, making and installing houses for animals and insects, seed exchanges and other social activities.


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